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30 Days Of Night

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Alaska with its freezing temperatures alone would make anyone want to run. But, when you put a grungy looking man that says "You're all dead, " and a clan of the most hostile vampires into the snowy mix, the cold weather seems a bit nicer.

This horror flick is very gruesome and takes the cake for 2007's most frightening film. I for one am a fan of all horror-thriller films, but even I jumped in the theatres, back in October. This graphic novel turned film is some serious edge of your seat material. Each horror film seems to out-do the previous years bloodbath.

For centuries a group of vampires (who speak in their own 'vamp' language) planned to wipe out the town of Barrow. Their leader Marlow (Danny Huston, "Children of Men, " "The Kingdom") says they must separate the heads from the bodies; he doesn't want to turn the people of Barrow into vampires. They are for food purposes only. These vampires aren't the kind to sit back, and drink blood from a goblet; these are vicious creatures that stalk their prey like a lion out of the grasslands of Africa.

The guy everyone remembers in movies like "Get Over It" and "Liberty Heights, " has certainly proved his range of acting skills. Over the last 3 years he has taken darker-violent roles such as, the Bruce Willis film "Hostage" and another comic turned film in the Thomas Jane movie "The Punisher." In "30 Days of Night, " Ben Foster does a knock-out performance as The Stranger. This is his creepiest role to date.

The film as a daring ending and seems like the only solution our main character Eben has, in this no-win situation. Well, you must check it out for yourself, or maybe with a friend. If you are a true vampire-genre lover, this is a must buy film.