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30 Minutes Or Less Delivers!

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The last few movies I have seen were all action or comic book blockbuster movies, so seeing a comedy was a welcome and needed change. As much as I like action movies, comedies, good comedies, are my favorite. Who doesn't like quoting lines and posting clips from the funnest parts of a movie. If you're like me, quoting a funny line or two and posting the occasional funny clips on a Face Book page, good news, "30 minutes or less" delivers all of that. Release date: August 12th 2011 http://www.30minutesorless.com/

So what's it about?

Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) and Chat (Aziz Ansari) are long time best friends in their 20's who rent a house together. Nick is a pizza delivery boy still trying to figure out his life. Chet is a substitute elementary school teacher that seems to have life figured out. After Nick's girlfriend tells him she is moving to Atlanta for her new job, Nick realizes he wants more out of life then being a pizza boy. Back at work, Nick is about to leave for the night when his boss tells him he has one last delivery to make. Nick now has to deliver the pizza in 30 minutes or less or it comes out of his check.

Dwayne (Danny McBride) and Travis (Nick Swardson) are a couple of big dreaming, not so bright, best friends in their 30's that still live with their parents. Dwayne's father is a Lottery winner worth millions of dollars and treats Dwayne like crap for being such a screw up. Fed up with how his father treats him, Dwayne comes up with an idea to have his father killed so he can inherit what's left of his father's money to start a business. The business? Open a tanning company that doubles as a prostitution service. There is one catch, how to kill him without being caught? So they hire an assassin to kill Dwayne's dad, but it will cost them $100, 000. Now to get the millions, they first have to get $100, 000, but how? Of course, threaten someone to do it for you! And order a pizza...

As Nick pulls up to his last delivery, Dwayne and Travis come out dressed in monkey masks, knock out Nick and kidnap him. When Nick wakes up he finds himself tied to a chair with a bomb vest on. Dwayne and Travis tell Nick he has 10 hours to rob a bank and get them $100, 000. Dwayne lets him know if he fails, they will detonate the vest. If he is late, they will detonate the vest. If he goes to the cops, they will detonate the vest. So now Nick has 10 hours to save his own life. Trailer: http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi142777369/

How was it?

There is no way to give this movie justice without saying "Go see it!". The humor is both subtile and slapstick. This is just simply a funny, funny movie. Danny McBride is great as Dwayne. If you like his "Kenny Powers" charter you'll like him as Dwayne. I am a Nick Swardson fan. His stand up is great and he plays the part of a dimwitted sidekick perfectly. Aziz Ansari is hysterical and Jesse Eisenberg pulls off the panicked hostage charter with ease. I have to mention Micheal Pena as Chango. Micheal, although he only plays a small part, steals the show when he's in the scene. There are lots of quotable lines and laugh out loud moments. This movie has a good balance of humor and dialogue and stays on track keeping the humor from going from funny to corny. Note, the humor is crude at times, enough to rival "The Hangover" so keep that in mind. I would definitely say "See it in Theaters", it's too funny to wait until it come out on DVD. Rated R for brief nudity, crude humor, bad language and violence. Enjoy! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1622547/