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300 Dvd Na Review

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First, let me make it clear that I am a woman. Second, let me make it clear that I absolutely LOVE this movie! I say this because for some reason most women did want to even watch this movie, or did not like it once they saw it. Girls...watch it. It's not as gory as you think. Although they do show a lto of people getting heads and hands cut off. But it is done with such an artistic cinematic effect that it's not like Braveheart-type gory.

I watched this movie for the first time on an Imax screen. It was amazing! Once I watched it on DVD, it lost some of its effect, but was still great. So the bigger the TV you can watch it on, the better. 300 actually has a slight romantic story to it also, but it is mostly all about how the Spartans fought the Persian army. There were a few parts I did not like that I knew went way off the historical aspect of the movie. The big one was the hunchback influence and all the freaks of the Persian army. I'm sorry, but there were no half man half goat people.

Overall, this movie is very touching and tells a great story of the bravery of the Spartan people. From the very beginning of the movie to the last shot of the battle scene, 300 is packed with action, humor, and touching emotions of loyalty and brotherhood.