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300 : This Movie Is Really Awesome

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markmyboy By markmyboy on
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When 300 was out in theatres my younger sisters went to see it numerous times always asking if I had seen it yet. My reply was always "no". From what I had seen & heard 300 was a gory battle movie, which is not my thing. But when my husband bought an HD DVD player for christmas 300 was on the list of HD DVD movies he wanted to get, so one boring night at home we put it in & man did I like this movie!

The first thing that strikes you is the amazing visual quality. Whatever method they shot this in is very visually stimulating. There was even a bit of a plot and while I did not feel a real emotional connection to the Spartans I was really rooting for them! The different characters & enemies that the Spartans battled were so outlandish which again made for a great visual.

While I haven't seen all of the Special features I did enjoy watching the deleted scenes. My husband likes the game that was part of the special features, but I haven't tried it out. Yet!

I was very surprised by how much I liked this movie. I went in with very low expectations and was quite pleased that my husband decided to purchase it. We have even watched it twice more since the first viewing. Now I wish I had listened to my sisters & gone to see it in the theatres, oh well!