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3:10 To Yuma

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Bizbee, the small Western town, has been plagued by the outlaw Ben Wade for years and lives in fear of when he will strike the next stagecoach. Then out of the blue, Wade makes a mistake and is finally captured, much to their relief. Dan Evans, a Civil War veteran, offers his services to help escort the killer to the “3:10 to Yuma”, the train that will take Wade to the Yuma Prison. Along the way, the makeshift posse runs into problem after problem…and each time Wade takes advantage of the situation to eliminate one of his captors until it’s just him and Evans.

In the final showdown, both Wade and Evans find out what they truly were meant to do, and find themselves inexorably drawn towards their destinies.

I was disappointed in the movie’s ending to be honest. It was very cliché, and yet at the same time, it was unexpected. I found myself angered at the fact that I was left hanging.

The DVD features were rather lackluster as well. I had to laugh at one of the featurettes: “A Discussion of an Epic”. I understand many critics raved over the movie, but isn’t that a bit assuming of themselves? The deleted scenes were also very mediocre, one could understand perfectly why they were removed, and you also will wonder why they even chose to let them see the light of day. Some other features that I skipped over were a couple of documentaries, and an audio commentary by the film’s director.

Personally, it was good for a one-time viewing. In my humble opinion, it was worth the first watch-through, but not worth spending another 2 hours of my life on again.