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337 Days

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Denise Wy By Denise Wy on
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Hey there fellow bookworms! I am here to make a book review for a book entitled "337 days." it is a fiction, drama, and romance themed.

There are a lot of romance books out there but why not try this new book? It's about a guy named Robert Mansen who has a perfect life. Only to discover that his days are already numbered. At first, he had the will to live. But in the end, he started to lose hope and lived a devil-may-care attitude. Then he met Althea and everything changed. It's a fast paced book with an exciting twist in the end.

The author may have not capitalized on describing the characters but the good part is, the book is not draggy unlike other novels where you read an awful lot of pages that only describes one scene, this book is different!

If you love a short emotional story then you must have this book!

If you're intersted in buying this book. It's is available for $1.60 on