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3.5 Inch Heaven

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By ladychai on
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Oh yes, me and my shoes...

I just gotta have this shoes. A few months after I gave birth to my child, I was struggling to find some heels that can support my weight. I have bought a pair but after a few weeks, the heels would give in so I had to buy another one or have the old pair repaired. Not to mention that my shoe size increased to an inch or more, which means that I cannot wear most of my pre-mom shoes.

So I was struggling, having 20kgs more than my usual weight, a longer feet, a new role in life and a relationship turmoil. It was a crisis but as soon as I adjusted, taking a few kgs off, I adapted to the new me. I learned how to balance my weight so that I won't destroy my shoes right away. Having perfected my current status, I had to give in to my whims, my happiness, my shoes.

I started collecting shoes once again and I started with this Follie 3.5 inch highheel stiletto. I am not into pointed shoes as I feel like an Elf or something, I am not into dull shoes either as I have a wide foot so I made sure that the inner soles are just fitted right.

As I am losing more and more weight the size of my feet also became smaller, in the end this shoe is a little big for my feet already but I still wear them though because I like the blackness of the synthetic leather, matte black for me is really good but this shoe isn't entirely matte though because if you look closer the leather isn't smooth at all so it will give you a glowing look in your shoe minus the blinding shininess.