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$39 Eyeglasses

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I was in need of a new pair of prescription glasses when I came across a review on this site about an online store that sold glasses starting at only $39! The site is called 39dollarglasses.com. I have bought my contact lenses online before, but I had never thought of buying glasses online until I saw this review. I bought glasses on my last visit to the eye doctor for over $80 and had them break within a year, so I really didn't want to buy another pair that might meet the same fate and waste my money again.

I went to the website and found a vast variety of styles to choose from. The only downfall to buying online, is that you don't have the opportunity to try the glasses on before you buy them. I was able to find the same style as the reading glasses I wear, so I knew what they would look like on me. You can print out an actual-size picture of the glasses, so I was able to match the shape and size very easily with my other glasses. They also have a model face wearing each pair of glasses that you can pick by choosing your gender and face shape. If you have an eyeglass frame that you already own and just need a new prescription, you can send them the frames and they will put the new lenses in the frames for the same price.

The glasses have a UV and scratch resistant coating and you can have the glasses made with a Bifocal for an additional $40 or no-line Bifocal for $50 extra. There are different type of lenses that you can have for additional cost, including tinted and sunglasses.

After picking the style I wanted in a wire-rimmed frame, I just had to enter my prescription information from the prescription I got from my optometrist. The only measurement that wasn't given on my prescription was what they call a PD. A PD is the measurement between the center of your pupils. I just had to call my optometrist and have them give me the number from their records. The site also shows you how to measure yourself for the PD number if you need to.

I placed my order using a discount code I found online by doing a search for 39dollarglasses+code. The code gave me free shipping, so my total cost was only $39. The glasses arrived in about a week in a hard clamshell case inside a cloth bag.

The frames are spring-hinged to keep them from being easily being bent, and the prescription in the lenses was perfect. The quality seems to be about the same as the $80 glasses that I bought at the eye doctor. So if they last only about a year before breaking, I am only out $39, instead of $80.

I did have a problem with one of the lenses becoming loose in the frame. I called the customer service number and they sent a pre-paid shipping label to my e-mail, so I could send them back to be repaired. It took about three weeks to get the glasses back, but they were fixed and I am satisfied with my purchase.