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3 D Microwave

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By ladychai on
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When my company decided to establish a "branch" here in the Philippines and we had our first 13th Month Pay, I decided to invest on a Microwave oven. I do not want those industrial looking microwave ovens, just something useful in the house. My mom always keep our left overs from the previous meal to save money and all we need to do is heat them in the stove, but because having to get a pan and heat something very small is a waste of time because of the following reasons:

1. The food is already very small, chances are it will evaporate the moment you cook them again with intense heat from the stove.

2. LPG is more expensive than electricity.

3. You'll have to wash the pan afterwards, clean the gas range, wash the washcloth, etc. etc. etc.

Therefore I conclude, we badly need a microwave.

So off we go to the appliance center, my and I, we looked for a specific brand, 3D. We had 3D as our stove before we opted for Gas Range and that stove lasted roughly for 15 years with us with few changes with the gas nozzle and burners. The body was still intact despite it's old age.

Now our microwave is already 4 years old yet it still looked brand new eventhough we use this everyday. My mom knows how to take care of our appliances, you know, if you keep them clean all the time, they will serve you for a long time.

We value 3D because the quality of appliances they make is 100% high class. That is why most of our appliances in the house are branded 3D.

The drawback with this microwave is that it is still manual, you know with knobs to set the time and heat intensity with, not like those digital ones but I guess you get what you pay for but we have had digital microwaves in the office and it only lasted months so I guess it is better.