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3rd Party Maracas Fail!

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Being an import game geek, I was excited to see that Samba de Amigo was being released for the Nintendo Wii (if you're looking for one for Christmas, buy it NOW). An appropriate platform if I ever saw one. Old school gamers would know this game from the Sega Dreamcast. Anyway, I saw it at Fry's on sale and picked up these maraca shaped controllers for it. There are only four pieces to this set, two maraca shaker heads (which seem HUGE) with red lenses on the front (to pass the controller signal) and two handles. One is shaped for the Wii Remote, the other for the nunchuck. The instructions (???) say to start the game then slot the controllers into the accessory. You will quickly see why. You will find it very difficult to controll anything on screen with these things. For one thing, they are heavy. Heavier than you think cheap plastic should be. Second, I was constantly trying to adjust my hand and arm to get the floaing pointer hand to move on the screen...when it appeared at all. Playing the game was torture. I failed out on the first song on easy. Why? Maybe 25% of my movements would register. It was horrible. To show that it was not my playing (I did have SOME clue as to what to do), I removed the accessories and played with the regular controllers. Instant success.

So, bottom line: these things suck! Don't waste your money. I took mine right back to Fry's.