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4 Cell Mag Lite Flashlight Really Lights The Way!

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It seems my husband has always had a job that requires a very good flashlight. He became familar with the Mag-Lite brand when working as deckhand on a tugboat on the Mississippi River and he needed a high quality, durable flashlight that was bright.

Enter the Mag-Lite! It is a slick, shiny black long flashlight that requires 4 D cell batteries. That makes it one huge and heavy flashlight, but it also makes it very bright. With the standard bulb that comes with the flashlight, the batteries do seem to lose power pretty fast, about 2 times a month if the flashlight is used steadily for 4-5 hours everyday. However, they do sell replacement bulbs for this flashlight, including LED upgrades that not only make the light brighter, but extend the battery life because they don't require as much power as the standard bulb.

Another great feature is that these flashlights are guaranteed for life! My husband sent his in a few years ago because the on/off switch wasn't working stopped functioning properly. We sent it in, postage paid by Mag-Lite, they fixed it, and sent it back to us, all within 2 weeks. There have not been any other problems.

My hubby has a different job, driving cab now, but he still needs a good flashlight to help read street signs at night and such. It is just recently doing this job he has come to appreciate the heaviness of the flashlight. One night, a passenger attempted to rob him by sucker punching him in the face & trying to snatch money out of his hand. Luckily, my hubby grabbed his huge trusty Mag-Lite and smacked the guy on the head, and it knocked him out! He was still unconscious when the police came! Since then, the Mag-Lite is NEVER out of my hubby's reach!