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4 Way Nasal Decongestant...Junk!

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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I don’t know where I bought this 4 Way Nasal Decongestant Spray from or how much I paid for it but it is the LEAST Helpful nasal spray I have ever used! I am sick right now as I am writing this. I’ve been using this stupid spray all day and I tell you what…it only helps for about 1-2 hours! I am so disgusted! My nose feels like it is going to explode right off my face!

The active ingredients in this 4 Way Nasal Spray is Phenylephrine Hydrochloride 1%.

The bottle says it’s helpful for temporarily relieving nasal congestion, swollen nasal membranes, sinus congestion and sinus pressure. Which I guess it does, but like I said…only for about 2 hours at best!

The directions say use 2-3 sprays –NOT more than every 4 hours!! Get OUT OF HERE! It would be nice if the thing worked for 4 hours! So I guess we all can tell who’s been using this every 2 hours! Even though that’s not recommended!

The bottle is one of those eyedropper types and it actually doesn’t spray very well at all. AND the stupid spray stuff tends to run back out your nose when you spray it! It also doesn’t completely clear the sinus or stuffy feeling like other nasal sprays I’ve tried.

I don’t really like complaining about a product but this one is just ticking me off! I know I’m grouchy because I’m sick but this is exactly the time you want/need something like this to work for you!

As I have said I’m not positive where we bought this, I’ve had it for a little while and I’m not sure how much we paid for it eiher..It is probably a generic/off brand product…

I can guarantee you this. WE won’t be buying this again! And as soon as my hubby gets home from work and I have a car…I’m going to the store for something else! I would NOT recommend this nasal spray to anyone! There are many other products/nasal sprays out there that will actually work /work longer!

Update On Jun 06, 2008: Ok..I just got back from the store. I saw this 4 Way Nasal Decongestant Spray at Walgreens for $5.99. I guess it's not as much of an off/Generic brand as I thought.