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4th Game Still Just As Fun!

Reviewing: Capcom Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney  |  Rating:
Jennifer Tang By Jennifer Tang on
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This is the fourth game in the Phoenix Wright series, even though it says Apollo Justice. yup. Phoenix Wright is no longer a lawyer. No, indeed. Instead, upcoming lawyer, Apollo Justice, takes his place in Wright's unusual agency, and works his Chords of Steel in the courtroom.

This game has many new features that were introduced in the first game but never really utilized until now. You can analyze items carefully all around as well as call someone on their "tell." I mean tell as in poker. When someone lies, they do something like touch their ear or play with their hair, and if you can find that then you can call someone out on their tell. Which means they are hiding something from you that is useful to the trial.

There are silly things in the game, same as ever. The new prosecutor in the game is a hunk/rock star that loves to play air guitar. Funny thing is, it really sounds like he's playing a guitar. He's probably one of the most civil prosecutors in the whole series. Another thing is, you get to see an old character from the first game. It's always fun to see old characters, no? Another character in the game, a ramen peddler, looks like he's wearing a bowl of ramen on his head! He even has stringy blonde/orange hair!

This series has been fun and the last game won't disappoint. Look out, a fifth game is coming soon, and this time, you're a detective!