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4th Generation More Complete

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Although more slim, the screen size iPod Nano not shrink. Forms are changed to rectangular, but the resolution does not change: still 320x240 pixels. The available color choices are also much more.

There is one additional aspect that is found in the latest generation iPod Nano is: use akselerometer. This feature previously found at both the iPhone and iPod Touch, when we rotate the screen orientation from portrait (vertical, to sweep down) to landscape (lengthwise to the side). Use acceleromater this is one case that revolutionary as well.

Apple acceleromater bring this to the iPod Nano, so now users can easily change the screen orientation. However, there are small differences. Unlike the iPod Touch or iPhone, iPod Nano music always display video in landscape orientation, and the menu on the portrait orientation acceleromater is used on various aspects of the interface. At the time of the video display, iPod can detect the position so that the video iPod Nano is always displayed in the correct orientation, and can not be reversed. Play the physical screen to portrait orientation will not change the video.

Use of this sensor is different again when the music plays. When in the portrait orientation, iPod displays album cover pictures the music is being played. Meanwhile, when put in the landscape orientation iPod will switch to the CoverFlow. We can keep changing the album here with the clickwheel.

Another interesting touch is also we can make a song with the iPod, as if we are beat up the track that is in it.

accelerometer addition to this we can still control the iPod with the click wheel as usual. "Wheel" is still the main interface to control the iPod. Available ewind button on the left, fast forward in the right, play/pause at the bottom. there is at the top of the menu button, a menu display the work (when play music/video) or re-entry to the previous menu (if you explore the menu). Middle circle button can be pressed to select the menu entry.

We can use the clickwheel with a touch of the finger, and rotate to the left to right. This is done either to switch/change/move from one menu entry to another menu entry at the time exploring the menu, or raise and lower the volume during play music/video.

At the top there is a hold switch that locks the useful buttons. This is useful when you are listening to music while moving, such as when walking or running. Thus the shock and accidentally touch the clickwheel will not interfere with the music being played.

How about the durability of batteries? For the regular iPod battery can survive more than a day to listen to music. Apple claims its own resistance to the battery 24 hours music playback and 4 hours for video.

Besides music, we can enjoy the video/video podcasts, television, audio books and games. There are also some extra features that is quite far from its main function. There are features of the Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Clock, Stopwatch and Games.

It should be noticed that when you buy this iPod is the quality of the screen and the buttons are in the clickwheel. Make sure that there are no dead pixels or abrasions on the screen, and do not forget to try the buttons click-wheel, whether there is a strange feeling sensitive or not.

If you already have a iPod Nano 4th generation, please share your suggestions or comments through the experience