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5 50 Ib Resistance Band Set

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This is Beachbody’s B-Line complete kit of resistance bands. Resistance bands offer resistance just like dumbbells, except they’re much lighter and cheaper. This kit has 10 bands, 3 pairs of handles, a weight range of 5-50 lbs going up by 5s, and each band is a different color to indicate what weight it is. Compared to buying a full set of dumbbells, this set of resistance bands is much, much cheaper. The bands offer very good resistance and almost every exercise performed with dumbbells can be performed with these bands. The only noticeable difference is that with dumbbells, the amount of resistance is constant, with these resistance bands the more tension created, the greater the resistance. This set can also be carried around as opposed to a set of dumbbells. Now I’m going to go over some of the negative things about these resistance bands. I don’t like the handles, and if the operator isn’t careful they can be dangerous. How the handles work is this, there is a slit on the side that the resistance band fits through and is secured into. The resistance bands at their normal length and wide can’t fit through the slit, so they have to be stretched and made thinner to fit in the slit, then when that tension is released the go back to their normal width and squeeze against the walls of the handle. It’s dangerous because the slit can’t be closed, so if the resistance band is pulled too much it can snap right out of the handle. Now when I say dangerous, I don’t mean that it’s likely to happen. If the operator is smart and knows what they’re doing, it’s no more dangerous than performing a bench press. I just think that the slit should have something that slides over it so the band can’t snap out. Other than that, the resistance bands are a very good product. They just have to be handled with care, they’re not toys. I recommend these to anyone who wants all the value of a full dumbbell set for a fraction of the cost.