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50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need To Know

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Have you ever questioned your own existence? The truth about morality (or if there even is a truth)? Where justice lies in the justice system? '50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need To Know' is a brief account of 50 (surprise surprise) intrinsic ideas to philosophy covering a variety of subjects from ethics, to epistemology, to animals, to religion, to law. Ben Dupre writes lucidly, maintaining an intellectual yet attainable tone in describing some notoriously tricky theories. This book is not suitable for someone desiring an in depth account of a particular philosopher and it's not aimed to do so. It attempts and succeeds in providing a veritable smorgasbord of philosophy and has enough content to let the reader decide if they want to pursue the idea or philosopher further by searching out a more comprehensive book.

From Putman's 'Brain in a Vat' to Wittgenstein's 'Beetle in a Box', Dupre writes just enough to keep the ideas manageable, interesting and brief. For anyone looking to begin broadening their mind beyond the parameters of everyday thought, or even someone who just wants some interesting conversation to bring to the pub or dinner table, this book will provide a great starting point. I thoroughly recommend giving it a read.