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53 Of Pure Entertainment Samsung Hdtv

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When we purchased our Samsung 52" LCD HDTV the main reason we got it, according to our children, was so they would have an "incredible" gaming experience.

I looked forward to being able to hook my laptop to it in order to do some digital painting in a large environment. It offers a multitude of connector ports to hook up various equipment including game station consoles, laptops, monitors, home theater and more. This particular model required us to purchase a special power bar as well in order to ensure that the "noise" that usually comes from the standard cable connection, was corrected leaving the signal into the TV from the cable a clear, noise free connection.

The true HDTV quality thanks to the 1080p resolution as well as the DNIe engine which is specific to Samsung, brings HD programs to life and the quality of picture is incredible! The only time the quality is lacking is when we are viewing a non-HD station. Then, we sometimes find the picture quality degrades but not so much so that it makes it difficult to watch.

The TV has numerous settings to allow for color, tone, screen width, game/console or Computer setup, language, parental lock etc. Despite it's large screen size it's actually a reasonably light TV and takes up very little space easily perched in the corner of the living room.

The 52" of screen is plenty of real estate to watch some great movies in huge splendid color and the speaker system built in to the TV is actually quite good. My husband watches some movies quite loud, especially those that have banging, shooting or anything noise related. The speaker system delivers those noises with exceptional clarity and impact. We've not yet hooked up the home theater system as we are waiting until our lower floor family room is vacated by our son and his wife. By next February, we should be able to set everything up downstairs and then we can really shake the house.

The remote offers a number of features including sleep, volume, mute, and all the color, screen and sound features you could want and acts as a universal remote to control other items you may have such as a DVD/VCR, etc.

During the day the screen remains a crisp, easy to view landscape and if the lighting coming into the windows increases (sun shines) the screen automatically tends to adjust its clarity leaving you with a rich, uninterrupted viewing experience.

Watching tv at night in the dark? This television adjusts for that condition too and the picture is always perfect. We've not adjusted it since purchasing it several months ago and it works exceptionally well with our DVR unit, the PlayStation 3 and even my laptop.

Excellent value for the money and a TV that I'm happy that we got. Why? Well, it's large crisp screen allows me to be able to watch anything without having to wear glasses - always a bonus!