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5th Generation I Pod Video 30 Gb

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By fallenspartan on
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I brought my first iPod at Best Buy about a year ago. And I still have it now. I am extremely pleased with this product. When I bought my iPod it came in a nice package, containing: iPod, iPod Ear Buds, Protective sleeve, iTunes CD, USB Cable, and something to make you iPod stand in a verticle position. When I first took it out of the Package, I was amazed by the Design of this iPod. The Front was Black and was glassy looking. It is probably made with some kind of tough plastic, but still is looked sweet. Then I turned my iPod around saw the Chrome back. Engraved on the Chrome back is an Apple logo, with "iPod" under it. Under that it says the Gigabytes of the iPod. And under that it shows your iPod's serial number and all that other unimportant stuff. Next thing I did was charge my iPod. And then, turned it on. As soon as I hit the Menu Button my iPod came to life. The Touch dial is a extremely nice feature. Nothing could move the menu selector except for your fingertip. So when I turned it on, the Menu had the choices of: Music, Videos, Artists, Extras and settings. First thing I went to was the Extras. The Extras menu has : a Universal Clock, Games, Your contacts (Phone numbers, addresses and ect.) A Calendar, Notes, a Stopwatch and a Screen lock. the 30GB Harddrive of this iPod could hold about 7, 500 songs! Which is more than enough space to put songs. Also this iPod plays videos. So far, I have like 10 Movies and like 20 Music videos, and about 1000 songs, and my iPod still has more than 14 GB left. The back and the front get scratched up extremely easily. I recommend buying a protective case for your iPod. After 5-6 months your battery will start losing power. I had mine for a year and it will play songs for like 24 hours straight before it dies out. But unfortunatly, mines cans only get through 1-2 full length movies before the battery is drained. This happens because my iPod is about one year old. They also have a 6th Generation iPod Video out, which has tons of more features. So I guess this is for who ever is still willing to buy a 5th Generation. Also it does not have 30GB it has 27.8 GB of Memory.


Really nice design

Massive storage space

Plays Videos

Can play Games on it


Can hold over 100 Videos and 7, 500 Songs


Back and front is extremely fragile to small and big scratches.

Battery life slowly dies after a while

Not 30GB as Apple says. It's approximatly 27.8 GB

1st Pic: Front of iPod

2nd Pic: Back of iPod

3rd Pic: iPod Engraving on Back

4th Pic: Menu Screen

5th Pic : Playing Video

6th Pic : iPod's Thickness/Width