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911:In Plane Site

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The Host of the Documentary:

The host of this documentary explains his philosphy on evidence before he starts to dive into talking about the 911 attacks. His philosphy makes sense but his view on the 911 attacks not so much.

The Analysis of the Documentary:The documentary uses math measurements, camara angles, video footage, web sites, as well as so called witnesses to to explain their point of view about the September 11th Attacks

The Level of Clarity: The documentary goes to ask many questions in order to come up with the truth on who was really behind the 911 attacks. So many questions are asked it starts to make things unclear more than clear, but at the same time more valuable questions could have been brought up instead.

The Video Footage They Examine:

Some video footage I did see was real but other video is of such poor quality that I can't say its legit. The video ask many questions for people to think about but still leave some questions out that deserve attention. Examples ofthe video are the pentagon right after 1 of the planes crashed into it. The pentagon was still intact and had not yet collasped although it was black and smoke was all over it. I never did see crash site video of the pentagon before it callapsed until watching this documentary. Also they question why is there no plane debri around the crash site at the pentagon? I was thinking the plane desenigrated due the impact it took after all the pentagon was definitely designed to be a very tough structure.

Also videos are examined of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers. The Planes are than showed crashing into the Twin Towers in Slow Motion. If you watch and see the planes crash into the Twin Towers in slow motion it might frighten you as the host explains what he says is going on. It just depends on how much your willing to believe. It doesn't make any sense to me.

The Witnesss?:

Also I never know for sure if certain so called witnesses are paid to say what they said in the documentary. Also if these are actual witnesses why are they not shown more on TV? Also a web site that was suppose to show information about the 911 attacks that was never hardly mentioned also tries to say how it was staged but I can't believe such nonsense.


After watching it I'm not convinced as their is too many red flags. The documentary was entertaining though.