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A Bard's Tale

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melanies By melanies on
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The Bard's Tale is a computer game in which you play a rather randy bard that travels the countryside looking for trouble and money. Nodding to the teenage male demographic of computer gamers, there are quite a few animated breast shots, earning this game the "T for Teen" rating.

This role-playing game has an interesting premise: the bard has to learn songs that summon different creatures or helpers to him, each with a different skill set. The game play is rather linear, though you can spend time messing about on an overland map killing monsters and racking up experience points to level up. There is an overall story that sends you on various mini-quests. The ultimate goal is to get with some magical woman.

In general, the concept of this game is great. The graphics are 3D and quite good, through the camera angles are odd. Game-play can be boring in the stretches between quests. You are forced to spend a lot of time just fighting to advance in levels.