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A Beautiful Mind Film

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A Beautiful Mind (2001) is Ron Howard's masterpiece based on the true story of a Nobel Prize awarded, John Forbes Nash. Starred by the multi-awarded actor, Russell Crowe, as John Nash. A one of a kind inspiring real life drama.

The story starts when Nash's enter Princeton University where he met his roommate and later become his best friend, Charles Herman. At Princeton, he made a revolutionary contribution in mathematics that was later earned him for the Nobel Prize. After finishing school, he pursue teaching career where he met his wife, his former student, Alicia. Nash's is secretly cracking codes for the Department of Defense from the potential plot of attack from the Russian government. It was later discovered that all of these are just his illusions. He was institutionalized from a mental illness- Schizophrenia. It's not easy for Nash and his wife Alicia dealing with his hallucinations. He even almost let his son drown; he can't fulfill his sexual obligation to his wife because of the side effects of his medications, and a lot more changes. But despite all these, John was able to control his mind, by distinguishing his illusions from reality.

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The story itself is very uplifting. Based on my readings about Schizophrenia is a lifetime illness because there is no specific cure discovered yet. Managing the symptoms is all medicine can do so far. He actually suffers a paranoid type of schizophrenia which is characterized by visual and auditory hallucinations. He suffered this manifestation like when he encountered the mysterious William Parcher (Ed Harris), whom he believed to be from US Defense.

Russell Crow was once again proven his exceptional acting ability as an actor, after his well-recognized role as Gladiator. John Nash's story was really worth for recognition.

The good captivating secret of this award winning film was the progression of the scenario and the main character, John Nash Jr. It has a catchy beginning and an exciting climax. From a simple John Nash around Princeton until the revelation of his true self.

And I was fascinated with the life of Josh Nash. Most of those who suffer this illness are not able to manage themselves anymore, but Nash, he understand and accepts his illness by trying to distinguish his illusions from what is real. It really took great courage to be able to do it.

We are all born imperfect in some ways. Some are obvious, some where hidden deep inside. The good thing this movie put emphasis on is the possibility that we can go beyond these imperfections. Its not easy but the truth is, we can. Like Nash, he suffered Schizophrenia throughout his life. But he accepts this fact and starts to learn to live over it and not let his condition hinder him from achieving things, even extraordinary things in life. A must-see movie.