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A Betta Fish Makes An Interesting Decoration.

Reviewing: Pets Mart Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish)  |  Rating:
By niceguy2010 on
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This is a review written by my friend.

Technically this isn't a piece of furniture or a cushion but a betta fish makes a nice accessory for any dwelling. I was at PetsMart looking around and I noticed the Betta fish sitting in their corner of the fish section. Most of them were very lethargic looking and not very colorful (which a betta fish should be). I managed to find a frisky one that was an irridescent blue with hints of black, orange and red. The fins are orange and very wavy. The males are definitely bigger than the females and have bigger fins. Male and female bettas should only be together if you want them to breed.

It is true that you can't have two males in the same bowl since the bigger/more aggressive one will most likely kill the other one. It's just the way they are. Anyhow, at the store they have them right next to the bowls and everything else you will need to take care of it. They are very low maintanence and are very inexpensive. The cost of the fish and his accessories was around $22. The bowl that I bought him is actually square and looks really nice with some glass beads that I also bought that match his colors. The water in the bowl has to be treated with a little bit of chemical solution and the bowl can't be cleaned with soap.

In general my fish likes to eat his food and swim around. He also likes to sleep in the corners of his bowl and eat snacks. A betta fish's snack is freeze dried blood worms and should only be given 1-2 times a week. It's best to put them in a place that gets nice sunlight so that their colors can be seen and that they also keep warm. Betta fish can be persnickety eaters but give them enough time and they will eventually eat their food. When they are happy they blow bubbles and sometimes appear to stare at you.