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A Better Alternative To Yu Gi Oh

Reviewing: Konami Yu Gi Oh!: Capsule Monster Coliseum  |  Rating:
Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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This is one of the best strategy games I've ever played. Basically, you move your monsters similar to chess pieces and they attack other pieces that are near them, like 1 monster can move diagonally but attack vertically and horizontally, or move in a stepping stone (every other step) pattern and attack diagonally. The thing I like so much about this game is that the monsters take more than 1 hit to kill and they can even level up. The only problem I had was that the load times can drag at 15 seconds. I recommend it over the video games that play to the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game because I do not have to deal with useless cards, abusing overpowered cards, nor good cards absent from the games; the monsters in Capsule Monster Coliseum are all at least decent. The story in this game isn't much; it's just a tournament, but it's a nice change compared to all the war cliches of this strategy rpg genre. Basically Yami Yugi wants to win a Capsule Monsters tournament. However, the mid-game dialogue is great. The graphics look pretty decent too.

The gameplay excels although the difficulty can get a little easy but at least you'll have some resistance. Basically, you win by destroying all your opponent's monsters or destroying their symbol that represents them. The symbol can't attack, but it gives your monsters an element bonus. I do like how even the weakest monsters, like Kuriboh, can actually have a chance. For example, the monsters are of several elements and some do better against others, but if you swarm them, they can still lose.

My favorite part of the game is the witty banter that goes on between Yami Yugi and his opponents. I like the interesting dialogue that goes on because it isn't too frequent plus they reflect how the situation is going. My favorite quote is from Yami Yugi, "If that's all the damage you can deal, then my monster will not fall!" I like how they're accurately portrayed in this show. This game is also two players and I recommend it to anyone who wants to try something different with Yugi. I also didn't find any problematic monsters, and was happy that I could beat Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon with a Kuriboh (the weakest monster in the card game) and of course some help. Blue Eyes also had the light element (aka attribute) and Kuriboh had the dark attribute, which is weak to light. I also liked how the monsters even have special abilities, like a light recovery, or increase the power of cards of that attribute, so they can be useful even if they are too far away to fight.

Then of course there is the issue that the environment changes during the duel, giving the monsters in that area more power advantages or disadvantages based on their situation. Also, deaths are temporary in this game; that is if a monster gets killed, you can't use them for a few duels, but that's not much of a bad thing since you can buy other monsters that are just as good, even at level 1. That's why I like this game so much, losing monsters isn't going to kill you and nothing is cheap. The most powerful monsters have a heavier cost as well for deployment to the field and moving around.