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A Better Way To Be Healthy Without A Lot Of Time Or Effort

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Chris Montone By Chris Montone on
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I am and have been a huge fan of Tim Ferris after reading his blog for years and then finally buying the 4-hour work week in September 2010. Then it seemed Tim was reading my mind because no sooner than a couple of weeks after I finished reading his first book and loving it, he announced his second book about the topic I wanted to him to write about the most. The 4-hour body was coming out in December 2010 and I could barely wait, I felt like I was 5 years old again planning what I wanted for Christmas. I have been over weight for about 7 years and I wanted to get back into the shape I was in when I was high school doing Tae Kwon Do and running a 5 minute mile. I bought the kindle version of the book the day it was available on Amazon and when I sat down to read just one chapter before bed on my computer, I became enthralled. Before I realized it was 4 am and I had read over 100 pages, almost half the book which I have never done with any other book ever in my life.

The 4-hour body is very similar in structure and philosophy as The 4-hour work week, the only difference is that it acts more as a fitness reference book where each chapter can stand on it's own than a cover to cover read. He outlines in the beginning book different fitness goals, from losing weight to getting stronger to just feeling better, and only recommends reading certain chapters associated with that particular goal. I find it an easy but thorough read as the principles laid out very simply at first but then he provides all science and logic to back them up afterwards. A lot of the techniques and protocols are controversial and go against widely accepted fitness paradigms. However I've believe as does the author that most modern western medical science is either completely worthless or decades behind.

Not only have I read the entire book, I've also employed his weight loss plans into my life for 12 weeks, I had great success and only I spent about 30 minutes a week working out. I've tried other diets with some success and some failure but have always come against the dreaded plateau. With the diet plan outlined in the 4 hour body I had consistent weight loss every week for 12 weeks and I never felt hungry at any time. In fact one day a week you're not only allowed but required to eat whatever you want from beer to donuts to pizza, you'll have to read the book to find out why.