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A Big 'Who' Thumbs Up!

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Knowing I would be stuck on a plane for 8 hours I decided to pick some random tv shows from iTunes to keep me occupied. I selected about 6 shows from iTunes, and by far Dr. Who's "Rose" from season 1 was the winner!

I remember Dr. Who from when I was really little, K-9, the police box, wild hair and trench coat, and I couldn't imagine how they could bring it back... watching "Rose" I was immediately sucked in and bought the entire first season.

Is it a triumph of cinematography? A epic tale worthy of sonnet and hymn? Certainly not. I remember watching the episode with a huge smile on my face and asking my fiance "is it supposed to be that cheesy?"... the answer s YES! However, the bridge between the pure dorkiness of the original series is crossed quickly and it seems to get more complex as it evolves.

I really did like Chistopher Eccleston & Billie Piper, and was disappointed that when so many characters got recycled throughout subsequent seasons, Eccleston did not (so far, I'm up to season 3).

I recommend buying them a season at a time from iTunes, it costs about the same but because so many episodes are two and three part-ers, it just wouldn't make sense... you would find yourself in the air with 6 hours to go on the flight and desperately wishing you had more!

Episodes in season 1-


The End Of The World

The Uniquiet Dead

Aliens of London

World War Three


The Long Game

Father's Day

The Empty Child

The Doctor Dances

Boom Town

Bad Wolf

The Parting of the Ways

Released in 2005, 6.4 GB total download for the season.