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A Book About A Central Park Zoo Penguin Family.

Reviewing: Written By Justin Richardson And Peter Parnell And Tango Makes Three  |  Rating:
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This book is a wonderful story about a gay penguin couple who are given the chance to be parents and are accepted by today's society.

The setting is the Central Park Zoo in New York City in the year 2000. The two penguins are named Roy and Silo and they do everything together. The two of them do everything a girl and boy penguin couple would do. They soon discover that they can't lay eggs and not knowing any better try sitting on rocks to hatch them. Obviously, nothing happens and it makes them very sad. The penguin keeper Mr. Gramzay gets an idea to give the couple an abandoned egg that needed to be cared for. The two of them protect the egg with extreme care and take turns sitting on it and keeping it warm. One day they hear the glorious peeps of a baby penguin and are enthralled with excitement. Mr. Gramazy decides to name the new baby penguin (which happens to be a girl), Tango. It does take two to make a Tango he points out. The two new fathers teach Tango to call them when she is hungry and when she is strong enough they teach her how to swim and fish on her own. To this day they remain a very happy family.

This book had great illustrations and was very easy to read and understand. I recommend this book to parents who might be having problems explaining how gay families work in today's society. Whether the family consists of two men or two women, the point is that they will be great parents just like a man and a woman are.

This book was awarded the ASPCA Henry Bergh children's book award. It's written by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell. Illustrated by Henry Cole.