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A Book For The Broken Amongst Us

Reviewing: William P Young The Shack  |  Rating:
Candida Eittreim By Candida Eittreim on
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When my sister in-law called me to tell me about The Shack, I was initially skeptical that this would be something I'd really get into. But she was sending me the book to read, so I was at least going to give it a fair assessment. Since The Shack is intensely personal to each one who reads it, I'm not going to try and interpret it or give too much of the storyline away.

As I began reading, I was almost immediately resistant to the basic premise. And that might be more because of my own religious training and background than anything else. I almost put the book down within the first 25 pages, but curiousity prodded me forward, as to where the author was heading with this. I'm profoundly grateful I didn't.

The Shack is a life changing novel about a man, whose 6 1/2 year old daughter- Missy, is kidnapped and murdered by a monster. Struggling with rage bitterness and despair, he is miserable and shut off from the God of his youth. Until he receives a mysterious letter inviting him to return to the shack to talk things over. This old shack was the place Missy's torn bloodied dress was found after her disappearance. The very idea of revisiting the site of such horrific pain and loss is almost too much for him to bear.

Yet... he does go, and finds his life totally changed over that one March weekend. As many of those who have read this book are changed too, in ways that are deeply apparent to those who love them. If you have been badly hurt by life and loss, do me a favor and pick up this book. I know for me, it has opened a door to healing I never really thought would be possible. It is a beautiful and loving work, written by someone who had been broken and is now a much happier more loving human being.