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A Brilliant Read

Reviewing: Bernhardt J. Hurtwood Born Innocent  |  Rating:
jennifer kennedy By jennifer kennedy on
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My mum died earlier this year, when sorting through her personal belongings I came across her books, she loved to read. Well so did I when I was younger but when I had kids my life became busy as all parents will know! anyway reading soon became a thing of the past for me.

So having came across these books I decided to start reading again, I make some spare time in the evenings for myself, usually when the kids are in bed, the first book I choose to read is Born Innocent, not knowing what to expect from the book I planned to read for about an hour or so then go to sleep, Emmm ...... more like about three or four hours.

I dont know much background information about the book apart from the fact that it was based on a television drama, I know it is quite old and the price on the book is $1.95, the book has 210 pages in.

Firstly the story starts of with a girl in police custody, seemingly she isn't sure exactly why though, over the next few chapters it becomes clear that the young girl, Christine Parker is a 14 year old runaway and has been picked up by the police, she is locked up over night, she hopes that her parents will come and get her but by morning they have not arrived, she attends court only to find that her parents have signed her over to the state and she then has to attend a state school for girls called Crib.

She is then sent off to the school and the story concentrates on her life over the following weeks, the friendships and enemies she makes while at the school, she even gets to the stage were she is allowed home for four days, depending on how her home visit goes depends on whether or not she can go home for good, will it work out for her?

Basically what has kept her going in the school is the dream that her parents will want her home or better still maybe she will be able to go and live with her brother Tom Parker whom she was so close too. Throughout the story it becomes clear that her american family have had problems, her mother being a drinker and her father used to beat her and this is the reason why Chris ran away on more than one occassion. Her brother Tom has since moved away and got married, Chris more than anything hopes that one day she will be able to go live with him and his wife and their young son Tommy.

I wont go into any more of the story line but the book is absolutely brilliant, it did take a while to start but by the end I couldn't put it down. I checked out the price of this book on Ebay and it is available for around £21 and on amazon for $45.

Thanks for reading