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A Brutal Disney Film? No It's Mark Of Kri For Ps2!

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By pato on
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The Mark Of Kri was a much overlooked game for the Playstation 2. Now that the next generation of systems are out, it will probably fade into obsurity. However, that means you can probably pick it up used pretty cheap.

The game is an action/adventure game where you play a large muscular hero named Rau. Tasked with protecting his village, he sets out to brutally slaughter all his enemies. And brutally slaughtering people is what he does best. Don't be fooled by the nice picturesque kiddie visuals. This is like a Disney movie on crack. Blood flows and people die like it's going out of style. An M rating has never been more deserved.

This is not some all out action game though. Sometimes you have to be sneaky. The game truly outdoes itself here, with vicious neck snaps and silent impalings. Although you will quickly go back to all out ultra violence soon. Fortunately, the game employs an intelligent fighting system where you select which enemies to attack with the right analog stick and push the corresponging buttons to attack the selected foes.

All in all it is a very fun game and if one is still gaming on the PS2 then I would highly recommend it.