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A Buckley's That Doesn't Taste Bad!

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Buckley's is known for being the cough and cold medicine with the most nasty taste. As a child, our parents would always test the validity of our claim to "have a bad cold" by bringing out a bottle of Buckleys. Funny how quickly those colds cleared up!

Thankfully, there is a second part to Buckley's claim to fame: it works! And now, buckleys has a pill form that not only works in true Buckley's style, but also spares you that bitter burning of Buckley's running down your throat.

These were actually recommended to me by my doctor. I am currently on a medication that cannot be mixed with codine--a very common main ingredient in cough, cold, and flu medications. Buckley's, however, doesn't have it, which makes it my hero whenever I'm suffering with a nasty cold.

The 24 hour relief packs of Buckley's Cough Cold & Flu contain 12 daytime pills and 4 nighttime pills, intended to be taken 3/day and once before bed. Each one packs a huge punch against cough and congestion, letting you breath easier, and even get some sleep. (Yay!) Both day and night pills contain the same ingredients and work just as effectively, with the only difference being that the night ones contain more cough suppressant.

My only qualm with these is the amount of each type in a pack. Like many other people, I find my congestion and other symptoms are worst at night, and then lessen or even disappear by afternoon. Rarely do I ever take all 3 daytime pills. I would prefer instead that there were less days and more nights in a package, as I find myself using daytime pills before bed to use them up before buying another package.

Buckley's Cough Cold & Flu is also available in packs with just day relief pills. I haven't found any nightime-only packages yet.

They are definitely worth a try if you have a bad cold preventing you from sleeping or making the most of your day.