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A Candle...For Your Ear?

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Anytime someone tells me of their ears being stuffy due to sinus pressure, I always ask them have you tried an ear candle? Most of the time I get the blank look and then, "A what?" I have used the candles many times because I have ear problems. For me they really work. Actually they have worked for anyone I have talked to that has used one except for my oldest son. My son's ear got scaly on the outside after he used one- I am not sure why because they are all natural. Then again he does have really sensitive skin. He said that it did not hurt and actually wants me to do it again but I refuse. I buy my ear candles from my local Health Food Store; they are about $2 a piece. I did see some online for cheaper. They are simple to use, but I would recommend not doing it buy yourself. I also seen online there are conflicting issues on whether these are good for you or harmful. All I know is that they have helped me immensely. Also my youngest son when he was three had horrible wax build-up and he would complain that his ears hurt. I took him to the doctor and he did not have an ear infection. His doctor told me to try the Debrock's ear wax softener every night for a week- that did absolutely nothing! I took him back and the doctor told me to try this other brand and bring my son back in two days. Well instead of the other brand that night I tried an ear candle- just the one candle that night. Two days later the doctor was like, "WOW the other brand worked much better". Right. I would say if you do suffer from wax build up or ear sinus pressure to give these a try. They are all natural and have been around for a really long time. They do not have a scent. They have never been uncomfortable to me to use. Also you will be shocked after you are done and you open the candle of the amount of wax inside! ** Now obviously keep in mind you should use common sense when using these. Which includes not using them if you know you have an ear infection, etc.