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A Charming Yet Tedious Medieval Stint

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Steph Dobson By Steph Dobson on
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Sims Computer Yet Gaming Charming

I’m a big fan of the Sims. I’m a big fan of fantasy games. For me, the two don’t mix. Don’t get me wrong; the textures, styles and ideas of the Sims Medieval are full of life and heart, yet something seems lacking.

First and foremost, I do not intend to dissuade you from purchasing this game but I feel that for a new concept like this, you need to know what you’re in for.

The quests are straightforward and follow an incredibly simple mechanic. Go here, talk to someone, go to another place, talk to someone else ... You get the idea! It’s this simplicity that ruins the game for me. Perhaps for younger children this game may be perfect, but for me, as an eighteen year old, it’s insulting. That’s the main problem about this game: it just isn’t satisfying enough.

Another, less important gripe, is the build mode of the new game. I’m a big fan of creating houses for my Sims and this game simply doesn’t give you the same opportunities as other games. It may be a feature deemed unimportant by developers in a game of this variety but I missed it! Despite few options in customising characters, some hairstyles and outfits were utterly hilarious and made living the medieval life vivid and amusing.

However, ignoring tedious repetitive quests that didn’t float my boat, there are redeeming features that may float yours.

This game looks great and has a wonderful watercolour feel to it. The developers retained a similar HUD as previous Sims games and that was not a mistake. For Sims veterans it makes playing the game like riding a bike and it gives new players good hints and the right stabilisers to set them off on their journey.

Music is entertaining and suitably enjoyable yet subtle enough not to get annoying during long stints sitting at the monitor.

While this game may not provide epic side quests, visceral action or lashings of excitement it could provide a fun experience for those who are huge Sims fans or those who simply want to become king and rule a kingdom. Quests are non-linear and so, in that respect, the game could have fairly good replay value. There are also several different kinds of kingdoms to rule, each with unique objectives.

It’s hard to recommend this game and yet it is hard to oppose it. If you’re after a fantasy epic, an action packed thriller or a conventional Sims experience then this game may not be for you. If you have dreams of becoming an all-powerful monarch or maybe simply fancy a charming medieval stint then give the game a shot. But don’t say I didn’t warn you...