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A Cheap But Good Cd

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I have a very small hard drive. 10 GB to be exact. I've run out of removable storage devices to store files too. The reason? My love for music and Japanese anime. I cant delete them or store them somewhere else. Hence I started to look for alternative methods to store my music and video files. That's when my friend introduced me to the concept of CD burning and the Sony CD-R.

The Sony CD-R is a CD with a 700 MB capacity. The CD can store any type of files on it and requires a CD burner for the files to be stored on the blank CD.

The CD cannot burn additional files. For example if 200 MB of files has been burned onto the CD, technically that means there is 500 MB left right? However, one cannot burn additional files onto the CD anymore. I have no idea why but it is frustrating. Therefore, one has to burn 700 MB one shot onto the CD.

The CD is extremely durable though. One of my CDs has a lot of scratches and if this was another brand of CD, it would be completely useless. However, the Sony CD-R continues to play despite all this.

One good thing about this CD is that it's extremely cheap. One CD costs only 30cents. No fancy packing though: the CD is sold in plastic bags (the envelope type). For a really cheap CD and a solution to your music/movie storage problems, I would recommend the Sony CD-R anytime.