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A Classic Disney Movie, Is Also Classic Game!

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Craig Stephenson By Craig Stephenson on
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Aladdin on the super Nintendo is one of the best movie tie ins in video game history, most movie video game tie ins now are shocking to say the least, but back in the 90's it was a very different story indeed! Disney back in the 90’s made very decent games for video game consoles the likes of duck tales, Lion king, quackshot, and many more were really well designed games, most of which were designed by virgin and Disney. Disney eventually released the popular film Aladdin, and of course a game was sure to follow but this time Disney released two Aladdin games. One released for the Sega Megadrive which was designed by virgin and one for the super Nintendo which was designed by capcom.

The Aladdin which was released for the super Nintendo in my opinion was the much better game from the two (and I own both of them so I have assessed the game on the Megadrive as well.) The super Nintendo version had better music, better colour, better levels and the control of Aladdin was very precise and well produced platforming game. The game followed most of the time, the story line from the Disney film; there were some points where the game took another direction from the film so it could introduce fun levels to play. Aladdin like most of Disney’s games is a platformer; Aladdin can jump on guards heads, throw apples to stun enemies and grab on to ledges to reach high places, he can even glide if he finds a rag! Ok so they don’t sound like amazing moves but platformers work better when they are simple and not over complicated. You will guide Aladdin through the Aggribah market to the rooftops even into the genies lamp! Until eventually you come to the evil Jafar’s palace to do battle!

The levels are well designed in Aladdin, they are colourful and eventually get more challenging especially the cave of wonders! Most levels are quite easy although you may struggle with some, but most are easy enough to handle, older players may find this game very easy and quite short but for younger players it’s just right especially if they enjoyed the Aladdin film, they will almost certainly enjoy this colourful game by capcom. For me even today it’s not only one of the best games made for the super Nintendo but is one of the best games’s capcom has ever made (and that is really saying a lot!) Ok maybe if It was released today being the age I am I would find it very easy but back when I was 10 years old this game got played more than any other for my super Nintendo (except super Mario world) Usually you see the film then buy the video game, but for me it was the other way round for Aladdin I played the game thought “Wow amazing” then went to watch the film simply put if you have a super Nintendo, it really is worth getting this game especially if you loved the film and are a young gamer!