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A Classic Is Updated: The Game Of Life

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By mom2one on
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Every Christmas Santa brings us a new game the whole family can enjoy. Last Christmas he delivered: The Game of Life Twist & Turns.

This is an updated electronic version of the classic Life game.

I wasn't too sure about it; I grew up playing Life all the time. I sometimes don't like when companies try to improve things. But this is a great game for the whole family.

There is a Lifepod to keep track of your money, houses, cars, children and life points.

Every player gets a "Visa" card and when it is your turn you pop your Visa card into the Lifepod and all your information comes up.

The object is pretty much the same as the classic Life. You go around the board and make Life choices dealing with family, careers, education and living it up. As you go around the board you collect money and life points.

You can choose the length of the game in years. First time we played it we decided on 10 years, which equals 10 turns for each player. Just last week when we played it we played it for 30 years!

Now, I will say the first time you play it, it can be confusing on how to add all the information to the Lifepod. Luckily every one gets their own reference card, so you can quickly look at that if you can't remember how to add money or take away money.

Every year you get your salary, but what I like is that if you have any children they take away a percentage away for the cost of raising children. Now that really sounds like LIFE!

You will also see your car go down in value every year and after 10 years your car isn't worth anything. Your house also goes up in value every year. I brought a modest style house and I was able to turn around and sell it for a million dollars and then buy a mansion with the money from the sale. If only real LIFE was that easy!

It is really a lot of fun and the more you play the more it seems to flow and everyone starts getting the hang of using the Lifepod.

The winner of the game is the one who has the most Life points. At the end all your money, house, car and children are converted into Life points and that determines the winner.

It's a great family game. I believe the ages are 8 and up. My 8 year old has no trouble playing it.