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A Classic Tarantino Crime Caper!

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I watched this movie for the first time without knowing what the movie was about. This is a classic movie, a throwback.

"Reservoir Dogs" tells the story of a group of gangsters recruited by an eccentric, but serious boss, in order to rob diamonds from a jewelry store. The film shows the before the operation and the after. But not the during. There are indeed some clues which allow to build a script in our mind, but that's precisely what Tarantino wants: that the viewer let his imagination working.What's more, there is no straight line. The before and the after are alternated in such a random way that it becomes almost impossible to get all the scenes back in the actual order. The only thing we can know for sure is whether we're watching the before or the after. Generally, we can have a certain idea. But it would take several days of viewing and checking the scenes one by one in order to determinate where they go in the story's actual chronology.

This flick has a great cast, great script, and flawless direction.Taratino films are great because they stress the story more than anything else.

In all of his movies, the script is strong enough to carry the movie. Now add good over the top acting and you have a hit. The realism of this movie is what grabs you. You really feel like you are in that abandoned warehouse. If felt privileged to have bought such a movie without watching it first.

An instant classic. I love this movie!