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A Compact Little Package

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Before leaving for spring break in 2008 I decided it was time to purchase a disposable digital camera. I did not want to take my expensive camera to the beach in fear that it would be broken or lost. I went to Wal*Mart and purchased the Fujifilm J 30 digital camera and was more than impressed for the price. It is not bulky like a lot of point and shoot cameras so it is perfect for sticking into the small corner of a purse or bag. It is also excellent for stuffing in your back pocket when you are on the run. This camera takes crisp, clear images if used on the right settings. It is a little bit difficult to figure out the right setting for each individual circumstance, but usually the auto mode will suffice. The camera is a whopping 12.2 megapixels, perfect for the images you want to be used on a larger canvas. I did have some issues with my images being a bit noisy (grainy) but I have had that issue with the more expensive cameras too. The images taken in low light tended to be noisier than images with sufficient back lighting. This is not an issue unless you are taking pictures of an important event or for the scrapbook.

This little camera is also amazingly durable. It was left on the beach on a windy day in a mesh bag and acquired very little damage. The lens cover did temporarily fail due to sand being in it but a slight dusting cleared the problem and the camera works as good as new again. I have also dropped my camera numerous times and it is still functioning. I have also sat on it with it in my back pocket, thrown it in the bottom of my purse for weeks at a time and even thrown it out of frustration and it is still working. I have broken many other cameras just by putting them in my purse without a case, but this camera seems to be indestructable.

The internal memory is very little (it will hold around 10 photos on a high resolution) but it takes an SD memory card for extra memory storage. You can transfer your images from the internal memory onto your card with ease. Without a memory card, the camera is not very good for picture taking since the memory storage is so little. I highly recommend purchasing a cheap SD memory card along with the camera.

I highly recommend this camera to anyone who is accident prone and worried about breaking a more expensive model. I have a horrible record with electronics and so far this camera has outlasted the more expensive items I have owned.