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A Cooler Way To Avoid The Heat

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By mrru on
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The Brookstone MiniMax is a small fan that can provide a "cooling" experience when placed near a desk or specific location within a room. The fan is compact, but has a great deal of power. The fan comes with a built in plug that is about an average length for an appliance. Features:

The fan has three settings; low, medium, and high. The low setting is almost silent, but provides only a slight cool breeze when placed next to you. I use this setting at my computer desk when I am only slightly hot, but do not want to become too cool because I am close to being just about the right temperature.

The medium setting provides about 2 times the power of the low setting, and is less silent; however, the sound is not typical of a fan. The sound is soothing and is very slight. It sounds like a small amount of air blowing without any hard sounds that often occur when using a conventional fan at a high setting.

The high setting is about two times the power of the medium setting. The volume of the air blowing is even more soothing at the higher level than at the medium level. This is because the fan motor appears to be at a very pleasant frequency, and when at a higher speed, its design creates a quieter operation, and this sound does not distract me from my work.

The fan settings are all available on the front of the fan in button form. The operation is simple; just press the speed desired and the fan starts.

One button is called oscillate, and causes the fan to move back and forth; this is also very quiet and very effective.

Another button allows for a timed off option. The timed buttons allow you to switch from one hour, two hours, and four hours before turning the fan off automatically. For example, if you set the fan for one hour, the fan will automatically shut off after one hour.

The last button is an off button, and when pressed, turns off the fan immediately.

Positive Aspects: The fan is a very high quality fan. It comes from Brookstone, which seems to create quality items, has lasting functionality, and it operates as advertised. I have had the fan for about two years, and I have had no problems or changes in its operation.

It is very reliable. The fan is very portable, and can be used easily and effectively.

The fan provides a very cool air flow. While the fan is not an air conditioning unit, it provides a very cool surge of air which is not usually the case for a fan. It is cooler than any other type of fan I have in my house.

The sound is very quiet and not annoying on the high power levels.

Negative Aspects: The fan is not completely silent, but its noise is soothing and not annoying or distractive.

The fan is a bit expensive, but for what you get, it is worth the slightly higher than average price.

The cord is a bit short, but this can be solved by the use of a plug adapter or other outlet device.

Overall: The fan is a high quality fan, is mostly very quiet on higher levels, is effective, is able to create mostly cold air, and is a powerful and reliable fan. It was worth every penny! I recommend this product.