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A Dark Disappointment

Reviewing: Ubisoft Csi: Dark Motives  |  Rating:
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I am a huge Las Vegas not Miami CSI: Crime Scene Investigation fan. I was so excited when I found this game at Big Lots for $5+tax! I could not wait to play it! I was disappointed. The cons outweigh the pros in this case.

Pros: * You get to solve 5 cases along side the Las Vegas squad.

* You get to use the crime squad's neat tools when looking for evidence.

*The loading time was fast.

*The Storylines were interesting.

Cons: *The graphics and game interaction using your mouse are bad.

*At times I would click on a tool to use and it would take the game forever to recognize that that's what I wanted to do.

*About every 10 minutes the game would freeze up for no apparent reason.

*The sound was off- a little loud at odd times, and the characters voices and mouth movements were sometimes off.

*Sometimes finding the evidence was ridiculously hard and more of a job than really any fun.

*Going from scene to scene took about 2 minutes too long- and I have a pretty fast computer so I am sure it is just the game.

Overall Opinion: Unless you just really get this game for cheap I would skip it. I was really disappointed and the box makes the game look and sound better than it is. The rating of this game is "M" for mature so I would not recommend playing it around children. Honestly I preferred the Wii CSI game a hundred times more than I did this game. So if you have a Wii you might want to check that game out instead