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A Day Out In Blackpool

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We went to Blackpool for a week at the end of the summer, after reading and hearing a lot about the Blackpool Zoo we decided to do this while we were there. The apartments we were staying in provided lots of leaflets on what to do in and around Blackpool, one of these being about the Zoo.

The Zoo opens at 10am and closes at 6pm (I think) and it is situated in Stanley park, there is a tour bus that leaves from outside the Tower and travels up past the Zoo, the cost is £2.00 per adult and £1.00 per child, However we got a black taxi straight up to the Zoo which cost £8.00 and we got the bus home, when we arrived at the zoo, we realised how close the bus stop was, a few yards away from the zoo entrance.

The front doors led us into a building which had a play area, a cafe and the tills for which to pay into the zoo, above the tills there is a list of the prices, for an adult £13.99 and for a child £10.00 but they also have a package price for families with 2 or more children, or price was £50 for a family of 5 (2 adults and 3 children).

So of we went through a small gate into the outside zoo area, I remember thinking "great no hills, not like the zoo in Belfast" everything was on one level flat surface, around the front entrance was the usual stuff, shops cafes and a few outdoor animals, like tortoises and penguins etc, needless to say you are supplied with a map of the zoo and a list of different events which are happening around the zoo, the usual animals can be found around the zoo, such as elephants, giraffes, gorrillas, as I already mentioned large tortoises and there was a bird enclosure as well as an insect enclousure among many other animals.

For each animal there was a short talk and we were able to watch them being fed, there was also short periods of time throughout the day were people could hold some insects, we held the hissing cockroach and a stick insect, although both insects look quite creepy, they are really not that bad when they are on your hand.

Around the zoo there was a few other activities going on such as a throwing gorrilla poo compitetion, this cost 50p for each child, my kids didn't fancy this one, and face painting which cost £4.00 for each child again my kids didn't bother with this. Also there was a bouncy castle and slide which cost £2.00 for a 5 minute bounce, the slide cost the same for three slides, beside this there was a park which was suited to toddlers.

Around the zoo there were plenty of areas to sit down and have a short rest, there was also plenty of picnic tables and stalls to buy ice cream juice or other snacks, however like with all these places the stalls were quite expensive, we bought 4 ice cream cones and a small bottle of coke and the cost was a whopping £8.50. The cafe was also quite expensive although we packed our own food and enjoyed our lunch outside.

On the way out of the zoo we went into the kids play area which was like a smaller version of jungle jims, this cost £1.00 per child for the short time of 15 minutes, we let the kids stay in the play area for 15 minutes, they were quite dissapointed at this but we had already spent £75 which I thought was quite enough.

Yes a very expensive day, but we all enjoyed ourselves and as I said we spent the whole day at the zoo, for anyone planning a visit to Blackpool zoo I would recommend packing your own food to save a few pound, but other than the expense it is a great day out.

Although the zoo proved quite expensive we really enjoyed our day, we were there from 10am and didn't arrive back to our appartment until about 5.30 or so,

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