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A Dishwasher That Is A Quiet Workhorse

Reviewing: Maytag Quiet Series 300 Dishwasher  |  Rating:
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Appliances 300 Quiet Maytag Large

Can a person be "in love" with an appliance? Well, I think that I am in love with this Maytag dishwasher. It is whisper quiet and very rarely will you hear it operating. It has three adjustable shelves with several areas that are also adjustable to accomodate various sized items. It has an area for small items that can be held down securely with small clips and it comes with two silver ware containers which is great especially for our family.

The spray jets which number four, are on each level of shelving including the lowest shelf which is designed to hold trays, cookie sheets or larger things such as big serving spoons, ladels, etc.

There are two areas on the door for detergent, a small cup for lighter less soiled loads and a larger cup for heavier soiled dishes or when pots and pans are being cleaned.

The first night we used this machine we were so impressed with how quiet it operated and the job it did cleaning the dishes was amazing. I had thought the dishwasher we'd purchased last year was great. This one has it beat hands down.

It offers several cycles: Auto wash, heavy wash, normal wash, light wash, rinse only, quick wash and several options for each wash cycle including: Heat dry, sanitize, extra rinse, 160 degree wash and tough scrub plus. This machine is guaranteed to sanitize 99.99%. It features a locking mechanism after pressing the handle for 3 seconds to prevent little fingers from opening the door during operation.

The recommended use is to allow the machine to gauge the washing requirement by selecting Auto wash and this is usually the wash cycle that I use.

This dishwasher combined with an auto rinse that I had been wanting to try but had a hard time believing the claim it gave, actually makes loading and unloading this dishwasher a pleasure and one that doesn't require I stand there and meticulously hand dry every dish.

Of all the dishes that have gone through this machine in the past few weeks, I have had approximately 3 pieces of silverware that didn't quite get clean but I don't fault the machine. The way in which the silverware (which were spoons) were nested together would have made it difficult for any machine to wash them effectively. This machine did a commendable job though with only slight soil remaining between the spoons.

Another feature that comes in handy is the rinse aid dispenser. Rather than a difficult to gauge dispenser that doesn't indicate when the rinse aid has been depleted, this dishwasher has 3 windows which start at the size just a bit smaller than the head of a tack and increase in size slightly offering a clear window indicator that tells you where the rinse aid is in relation to the level left. When the rinse aid is full all three windows are blue, when the rinse aid is empty all three windows are clear.

This machine, like every appliance in this house, is simple to use and very effective at what it does. I would have no hesitation in purchasing from this manufacturer. This dishwasher is an excellent machine. It is efficient, thorough and provides enough wash levels and options to meet any family's needs very effectively and as discretely as it's name suggests. Whisper quiet!