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Reviewing: The Whole Dog Journal 1 Year Subscription  |  Rating:
bosoxy By bosoxy on
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The Whole Dog Journal is a magazine that is funded completely by its subscribers. There are no advertisers in the issues, at all, which lends more credibility in its assessment of products and services.

The magazine contains a well rounded assortment of information from dog behavior and training, dog health, alternative health and feeding. Every year they have 2 issues containing lengthy information on dog food, one is on dry food and the other on wet. They start out by explaining their thoughts on dog food and their grading criteria… and then they provide a list of dog foods that at least make the bare minimum criteria that they have set and leave it up to the reader to figure out which is best for their pet.

The magazine does go out of its way to address important issues that many pet owners may not be aware of, making this publication a must have for new pet owners, as well as those who want to stay up to date and informed on the latest information.

This particular publication focuses on dogs only, however there is also a Whole Cat Journal for cat owners.

While I have enjoyed most of what is written in the Whole Dog Journal, I have read a handful of articles that are not as objective as I would like them to be. Once in a while the author of an article clearly sways the article to her opinion and can come across as rude when mentioning approaches or beliefs that differ from her own. An example would be the article that is against Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer.

While I do expect for a publication to point out the good and the bad, I expect it to be done objectively and without opinion bias. There is a difference between pointing out facts and just not liking something because it is different, but not necessarily better or worse.. For this reason I am not 100% sure that I want to continue support of the publication. It is a catch-22, as the majority of the information is quite good.