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A Family Reunion

Reviewing: Marvel Amazing Spiderman Annual(#36)  |  Rating:
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The 36th Spiderman Annual begins quite creatively I thought with a wedding invitation on the first page it even manages to capture some of that great spidey humor. The Amazing Spiderman Annual is a great issue I felt because it takes a step back from all the fighting and drama (Well not exactly) and allows the reader to experience and settle with the idea of the beloved Aunt May marrying J.Jonah Jameson Snr. The engagement party is held in Boston so all the gang flies down for what they think is only the engagement party but J.J.J snr has got an ace up his sleeve. However I won't reveal too much about this but I will say it had me quite shocked and surprised to say the least. On a regular bathroom break Peter Parker is attacked by a new super villain who looks like Alex Mercer out of Prototype and a battle ensues naturally (Somewhat conveniently Spider-Man shows up Boston cause that isn't usually his territory) Spider-man shows up to curb the enthusiasm of this new found villain who is after Peter Parker for an unknown reason. An epic fight takes place all over Boston and this said reason is revealed and an old enemy is not as dead as we all thought. This isn't a classic Spider-Man Annual but I do think it's an excellent read all the same I thoroughly enjoyed it.