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A Fun Feather Duster

Reviewing: Flylady.Net Original 16" Duster  |  Rating:
sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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One of my favorite household cleaning products is my Flylady duster. If we ever get to review web sites, I'll tell you all about Flylady.net--a great method for cleaning and organizing your home (which I surely need to get back to.) The Flylady duster is an ostrich feather duster, with predominantly black feathers, and a few clusters of purple feathers. (Purple is Flylady's signature color.) In fact, this duster was designed exclusively for Flylady. It is a 16" duster with a wooden handle. I also have the larger Ultimate all purpose feather duster, which is 26". Between the 2 dusters, almost everything in the house is within reach!

Many dusters just push dust around, but ostrich feather dusters are in a class by themselves. They are able to trap the dust, and hold it until you shake it out. They are also washable! I admit that they look like a wet rat when you shampoo them, but a hair dryer fluffs them right out again. I actually enjoy dusting with my beautiful Flylady duster. (Okay, well almost...)

From time to time, I get out my dust rag and my Pledge, and do that routine, but in between, I really value the convenience and efficiency of my Flylady feather dusters!