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A Fun Group Game

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By margie8228 on
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I love getting together with friends and family to play card and board games. Everyone gets a chance to do something during the game so they never feel left out. First all the players start with at least seven cards, then the person who got the job of the judge that round with lay down a green card that will say something like shocking or squeaky clean, then everyone one else will look at the cards in their hands and pick one that they think fits and lay it face down so no one can see what it says. like for shocking they could choose atomic bombs or even the bathtub if that is shocking to them. After all the players have set a card down the person who is the judge (they do not set down a card) they will pick up the cards and read them off, then they will decided which one they thinks fits best or which one made them laugh the most, it is their choice. This game is super fun and can be played by lots of people. No one will get bored at this game, it's perfect for parties or family home evenings. I got this game at walmart for only twenty dollars and it has lasted a long time the cards and the box are sturdy.