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A Funny Adventure

Reviewing: Gordon Green Pineapple Express  |  Rating:
By elasolova on
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Pineapple Express is a very striking movie which reminded me of Pulp Fiction. It has some similarities with Pulp Fiction and both of the movies concentrate on some crime plot. However, Pulp Fiction should be regarded as more serious compared to Pineapple Express. In this movie, a lot of unbelievable things happen. Our heroes always tend to survive from hard situations even with their clumsiness. I have watched many films of Seth Rogan. By the way, Seth Rogan plays the main hero of the movie and also if I am not mistaken he is the screen writer for this particular movie. His performance is high. His apperance is kind of funny which makes him a great comedy actor. Also, the second hero is played really well by James Franco named as Saul. He is the drug dealer of Seth playing Dale. And one day he sells Dale a rare weed called Pineapple Express. Then, Dale witnesses a crime and loses the weed in the crime scene. I do not want to give many details though. However, these two characters end up being chased by a gang of dealers. many funny things happen during the adventure. It is not a serious movie and probably you will forget it after a while. The plot is intriguing and the relationship between the people is hard to solve at first. But it really depicts the friendship airing from a wierd situation in a great way. I personally do not like movies on illegal stuff and crimes; however, since this is also a comedy I wanted to watch and I enjoyed it. It is full of action. I do not recommend it strongly though. It is not a must be in a collectionist's shack.I want to give an analysis of the movie now. The movie opens with a scene from 1937 where in a secret underground hideout police tests the legality of certain specimen probably different kinds of weed. They test a product and name it as illegal. Then, the scene shifts in which Dale is smoking weed. This appears as a contrast. It signals that the story will be about some illegal things. However, at the end of the movie we figure out that the weed is a good friend maker. You probably know this by your own exprience if you have ever smoked it. Nevertheless, the weed causes a lot of trouble during the movie. At one time Dale recognizes this that when they smoke they get into trouble. Are these the effects of weed really? Why is weed illegal anyways? These are the questions that come up to viewer's mind.

The movie has a very high score on imdb right now(7.2). It is really high for a comedy. Probably, this is why the movie is also a sort of action movie. It is not a romance even there is a mention to some girlfriend issues. However, the movie itself is quite unique in plot.