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A Gamer Mouse For Me!

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Before marrying my husband, an IT Administrator and PC gamer, I never knew what I was missing... But now I can't go back! Yes, folks, I've become a mouse snob.

I started out using my husband's old Razor mouse while learning to play PC games with him. After a year of using it, a regular mouse became the most frustrating thing in the world! So when the old mouse died, I just had to get another Razor.

For anyone who has not used a gaming mouse before, the absolute most important difference between a gaming mouse and any other mouse is sensitivity. Gaming mice pick up on slight movements of the hand, and translate them into large movements of your cursor. With a normal mouse, you may have to drag your hand across the whole mousepad to move from one side of the screen to the other. A gaming mouse moves the cursor the same distance with barely a twitch of the hand. This is why PC gamers love them so much. In a game where every second counts, these mice can keep up with what you are thinking. The movement becomes very instinctual. Simply, a gaming mouse cuts down on time, frustration, and on wrist fatigue.

This particular model, The Abyssus, is actually quite basic as far as gaming mice go. And I had to search high and low to find it! Most every gaming mouse now comes with five or more buttons, so that gamers can program different gaming functions to each. I dislike this because these extra buttons are usually placed on the lower sides of the mouse, and I find that, the way I like to hold my mouse (gripping it on the sides with my thumb and pinky), that I am always hitting buttons by mistake. So I was thrilled to find The Abyssus! This model only has the three standard buttons: a Left and Right mousebotton, and the rolling wheel between them. Less bells and whistles, perhaps, but all the speed of the best mice out there.

Something I love about the Razor Abyssus, that is unique to any other mouse I've seen, is that the sensitivity settings are directly on the mouse. Usually gaming mice come with software which you must use to set how sensitive you want your mouse to be to your hand movement. This model simplified the whole process by putting a switch on the bottom of the mouse. By simply flipping it over, you can instantly switch it to high, low, or medium sensitivity. This is perfect if you share your computer/mouse with anyone. You can flip it to high during your games, and back to low when you leave the computer, so that other users can handle the speed.

If you are new to gaming mice and want to give them a try, or if you are like me, and prefer a 3-button gaming mouse, then this one is definitely worth checking out.