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A Garden Hose That Never Kinks

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dsnygrl By dsnygrl on
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O.K., I have to admit something, I'm cheap! That said, when it comes to garden hoses I my thoughts had always been buy the cheapest one because a hose is a hose. Boy was I wrong, all hoses are not created equal.

My husband let me buy all the cheap hoses I wanted over the years and laughed at me every time I asked him to untangle a kink for me so I would not have to walk over and do it. He would tell me that if I had bought a better hose it would not be tangled and to do it myself. Every year I would have to replace at least one of the 3 hoses we had for our house because it would crack from where it had kinked up or it would leak from where the threads were worn on the part where it connects to the faucet.

One day around the holidays 4 or 5 years ago I was wondering around Lowe's and a clearance section caught my eye. I went over to poke around it and one of the items in there was the Apex never kink hose. It was marked down 1/2 off so I thought if nothing else it would make a great gag Christmas gift. According to the package it was guaranteed to be self straightening and never to kink.

Well it has been several years now and even after being run over by the cars more times than I can count it still looks and works great and has NEVER kinked on me. We leave it outside all year long and the elements have not seemed to effected it at all. The threads are still tight at the faucet and there is no leaking. My only complaint I would have about it would be the weight of it. Compared to other hoses I have had, this one is much heavier but since it works, I don't mind.

I am still not sure I could go into a store today and purchase a new one for $40.00 but I will say for the price I paid, this has been the best hose I have ever had.