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A Gentle Leader For A Gentle Dog

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This is Addie, my brother's German Shepherd, isn't she beautiful? My husband loves this dog as he was a dog handler and scout in Vietnam and his German Shepherd was by his side for the entire year there.

Recently we were visiting my brother up at Hess Lake where he has a 5th wheel and we were delighted to see that Addie was there too. When it was time to take Addie for a walk we watched as my brother put on this new collar.

He told is this was called a Gentle Leader Training Collar. Addie will go for walks but when she decides she has gone as far as "she" wants she comes to a dead halt and no tugging with her regular collar would get her to move unless it was back in the direction she came from.

This collar is not a muzzle of any sort. It is made of two nylon straps which are soft and are 3/8 inches wide. You get an instructional DVD to help you learn the proper way to fit this on your dog.

The collar part fits at the top of the neck and you position the nose loop across the muzzle. Addie can eat her food, drink and bark with this on, except when you are walking her and it closes around her mouth when you pull on the leash.

My husband took her for a walk to the pontoon boat for a ride we were going to take around the lake. She had never been on the dock or the boat so this was a test of how well they were going to get along. He had no problem walking Addie to the end of the park but that was as far as she was willing to go.

A gentle tug on the leader and she was off again. The dock was next and again no problem. By the time my sister in law and I caught up with them Addie was on the pontoon boat, relaxed and ready for her first ride. These pictures I took are on the boat when we unhooked the top neck part and had her on the regular leash.

A 45 minute ride and we were ready to head back and again no problem hooking her back up and leading her back to the 5th wheel. My husband give this a thumbs up as far as keeping a dog from pulling and tugging and would definitely purchase one for our next dog.

The gentle leader comes in many colors an sizes, it is available with a plastic or metal buckle, and as I mentioned, comes with an instructional DVD. It can be used on puppies to start training them early on. This is a great way to train and control your dogs wthout resorrting to harsh measures or heaven forbid, harsh devices.