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A Good Choice Cover Girl Clean

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And so my quest continues...

When I was looking for a new foundation to replace my favourite but discontinued brand, I decided to give Cover Girl Clean a try. It looked good, as it promised a gentle, non-drying formula that controls oil and shine. I have sensitive skin, and am particularily drawn to products that are gentle. (Check!) I have combination skin that is primarily dry, so I was looking for something that would not dry it out further. (Check!) But I also have those smaller, oily portions to deal with. (Check!)

This was an excellent product for my skin. I did not find it drying in the least, and it does seem to keep those oily regions at bay. I also love that it is very light and natural looking.

I had a little trouble applying it at first, because I kept putting on too much. When that happens, it stays wet and sticky all over. (Ick!) But once I learned to put on just the tiniest amount, I really liked the results. This is also a bonus in the long run, because it makes the make up last a really long time!

But alas, I have a complaint. To me, it's a great product in really poor packaging. It comes in a glass bottle with a screw-on top. Instead of squeezing the bottle to get the make up out, you have to turn it upside-down and pat it hard against your hand to get it to daub out. (Think Heinz ketchup bottle) I am about half-way through the bottle, and already it is a pain. I can't imagine how hard it will be to get out when there's just a little bit left! Also, there will most likely be some stuck on the bottom and sides of the bottle that I will never be able to get to. And most annoying of all, it is hard to control how much you get. Like I said, only a tiny bit is needed for full coverage, so very often much more comes out of the bottle than I need. That leaves me trying to get the leftovers back in, and usually washing a fair bit of it down the drain. It seems a shame to do that to an otherwise terrific product!